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The Digital FineArt Collection is a comprehensive assortment of high-quality, unique FineArt inkjet papers created for customers who are looking for something special and want to get the best out of their images.

Achieving outstanding printing results and a high age resistance of over 100 years, the FineArt inkjet papers meet the highest standards for fine art applications and are perfect for long-term exhibitions, art collections and special editions. To comply with these requirements, high-quality and ultra-pure artist papers are used as a paper basis. Specially manufactured natural wool felts give the artist papers their unique surface texture, providing a three-dimensionality that enhances the image effect thanks to an incredible depth. The heavy FineArt papers, which are based on cotton or alpha cellulose obtain a high grammage, distinctive paper thickness, and special tactile feel that increase their sense of value.
A premium inkjet coating, which results in an impressive reproduction of colour and detail, incredible contrasts and deep blacks, round off this luxurious high-end assortment of individual FineArt inkjet papers.


Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta 44 x 39' 325gsm


Hahnemuhle | Hahnemuhle

Fine Art Baryta Roll 44”x39’ | Wide Format Rolls

Size 44 in x 39 ft
Weight 120lb Cover/324gsm
Hahnemuhle William Turner 44 x 39' 310gsm


Hahnemuhle | Hahnemuhle

William Turner 44”x39’ Roll 310gsm | Wide Format Rolls

Size 44 in x 39 ft
Weight 310gsm