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Cutting Perfing Scoring

Cutting Perfing Scoring

Paperworks offers the service of custom cutting, perforating and scoring jobs. There is an option to do any of these custom jobs on most products. 

Custom product orders must be placed before 2pm ET to be shipped out same-day


The rates are as follows:


Cutting - a flat rate of $20 (on top of original product price). This means you can get as many cut packages of the same product and size for the flat fee. 

No cut job can be smaller than 3”x3”.

Please keep in mind we do not cut already printed products. 


Perforating and Scoring - $30 fee for the first ream (on top of original product price). Any reams following will be an additional $10 fee. 

No perf or score job can be smaller than 3”x3”.

Please keep in mind all cotton based papers (Lettra or Savoy, etc) need a .25 trim due to 100% cotton base. 


Paper Cutting

Paper Finishing Services

Paperworks provides all professional paper finishing services.  We have the finest paper cutting, perforating and scoring equipment.  We offer paper finishing services on most of our paper products.  Each product page offers the option for Custom Cutting, Scoring and Perfing...just click the link to the Paperworks Customization Page.  Please feel free to call or chat with our paper professionals for help with paper finishing.

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