Paperworks Paper Meter

Paper Weights

Paperweights are confusing - we know it, so we’ve gone and simplified the process for you! Our paperweight meter goes from 1-12 and gets heavier as it goes up so you can always be sure to pick the right weight despite what crazy unit the paper is based on. If you've already got your weights down check the common weights description for a reference point and of course GSMs.

Light weights 1-5

1: Standard copy paper and some other papers that are just a tiny bit lighter. This is the weight you’d find in most copiers! Common weights 20lb text/50lb bond. 75gsm

2: Your typical stationery weight, a bit heavier than your everyday copy paper and thus a bit more opaque. Great when you want to make an impression with news letters or term papers. Common weights 24lb text/60 bond. 90gsm

3: The weight of a nice piece of stationery or brochure, excellent for double sided printing and presentations. Common weights 28lb text/70 bond. 105gsm

4: The be all end of all of light paper weights, easily print double sided with minimal show through even when held up to light. Common weights 32lb text/80 bond. 120gsm

5: The heaviest of the text weights, any heavier and it would be considered a cardstock! Excellent for two sided printing and multiple paged brochures. Common weights 100lb text. 135gsm

Medium weights 6-9

6: The lightest of the cardstock weights. Typical weight for those magazine inserts bugging you to subscribe. Common weights 90lb index, 67lb bristol, 8pt. 150gsm

7: A light cardstock, good for self mailing. Common weights 60lb cover, 110lb index. 165gsm

8: Slightly lighter than your average business card. This is the perfect weight for items that are going to take some wear and tear such as menus, information sheets and table tents. Common weights 65lb cover. 176gsm

9: Your everyday business card weight. Common weights 80lb cover. 218gsm

Heavy weights 10-12

10: Looking for a heavy business card? This is the sheet for you! At this weight you start to max out most common copiers, so check that your machine can handle it! Common weights 100lb cover. 271gsm

11: Very heavy cover weight, great for super thick invitations and business cards that will take up a whole lot of space in a wallet. Common weights 120lb cover, 130lb cover. 300gsm

12: End of the road, these papers are extremely heavy and usually require specialty equipment to print, not your everyday home printer. A great weight for letter pressing. Common weights not very common 134lb cover-236lb cover. 350+gsm

* Paper in the Heavy category may not run through a standard printer.